Bonus conditions
 your suggestions for bonus conditions Bonus conditions
  • members of switchhouses can recommend other people to register their house at switchhouses;

  • the recommended person needs the email address and member-id of the member who recommends him/her;

  • the recommended person fills at 'register my house', in, under 'registration-referral member', the email address and member-id;

  • as soon as the member and the recommended person have become paid members, the member gets two months free membership for one house and the recommended person gets one month free membership for one house;

  • if you have more than one house in your membership, then the house with the most nearby renewal date, gets the free membership;

  • only once, the recommended person can fill in the data of the referral member: during the registering of the first house;

  • there is no limit to the number of persons that you recommend