For sponsors

Sponsoring is easy.
Register your website and insert a link on your website to switchhouses as mentioned below.
For every member, who is registered via the link on your website, you receive 10% of the first fee paid by this member.

After your registration, we come back on this page with your sponsor code for switchhouses.
Than you have to insert on your website the below mentioned text link or banner with your sponsor code.

Via the home page, you can always log in, to come back here to change your data or to see the amount ( 0,00) that you earned till now.
Every time the amount is higher than one hundred euro, we contact you by email, to carry out a payment of one hundred euro.

Login information (sponsorcode = )
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Link to switchhouses

through a text link

You can put a text link to 'http://www.switchhouses.eu/?sponsor=' on your page

through a banner

Copy the below mentioned source code to your page!