Do's and Don'ts
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Think global, act local
Switchhouses is like thinking global and acting local. Your destination can be anywhere on the world. You are not only switching your house , your car etc, but also a part of your life. You are living like a local with the possibility to meet friends, neighbours and maybe family of your switch partner. Also you can go shopping and travelling like the locals. It is almost like taking over your switch partner's life on a sunny afternoon. So you can imagine that switchhouses is completely different from being a tourist on a guided tour.

Succesfull switch
For a succesfull switch, get to know each other about the way you live and treat your home and belongings. You can do that through letters, email, fax, phone, references, webalbum, video, even meet each other etc. Remember, switchhouses will be a succes if there is trust and respect.

Switch agreement
Although switchhouses is first of all based upon trust, it can makes you feel good to set up a switch agreement. The following subjects can be part of this agreement: the arrival and departure date; addresses and contact numbers; emergency contact numbers; arrangement for keys: you can mail keys beforehand or leave them with a friend, neighbour or family member; the number of people involved and if necessary their names and ages; the treatment you want of your home and belongings on the arrival date, during the switch and on the departure date; use of additional facilities; agreements in case of damages; things that are not included in the switch; instructions for the use of appliances and equipment; costs that are not included in the switch; other points as mutually agreed.

Enjoy yourselves
Remember, it's important that you and your switch partner feel free to use each other's home as your own and enjoy yourselves.

Home owner's insurance
Check if your home owner's insurance remain in force. Check your insurance agent to be sure about it.

Other insurances
Is your car, boat or whatever other object involved in the switch, check your insurance if it covers your switch partner. Check your insurance agent to be sure about it.

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